A Brief Introduction of School of Civil Engineering


The School of Civil Engineering at Shandong Jianzhu University was founded in 1958, which primarily was the Department of Building Engineering at Shandong University of Architecture and Engineering. The School focuses its efforts on two bachelor disciplines, namely: civil engineering and urban underground space engineering, and a sub-discipline of civil engineering for internationally cooperative program. As of December 2021, the School has 149 employees, including 127 faculty members. The School currently has 2035 undergraduate students and 410 graduate students. It accepts 8 civil engineering classes, 2 urban underground space engineering classes and 3 classes of internationally cooperative program per year.


Development of the School of Civil Engineering


 People of the School of Civil Engineering


Opening Ceremony of International Students



The School has 7 teaching and research sections, namely "Concrete Structure Teaching and Research Section", "Steel Structure Teaching and Research Section", "Structural Mechanics and Seismic Engineering Teaching and Research Section", "Foundation and Underground Engineering Teaching and Research Section", "Materials for Civil Engineering Teaching and Research Section", "Constructing Techniques for Civil Engineering Teaching and Research Section" and "Engineering Graphics Teaching and Research Section".

The Civil Engineering Experimental Teaching Center includes "Engineering Structure and Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Laboratory", "Civil Engineering Materials Laboratory", "Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory" and "Computer Application and Information Center Laboratory".



Organization of the School



The School has 32 professors, 57 associate professors and 88 lecturers, all having doctoral degree. Approximately 25% faculty members have international education experience. The School has one national high-level talent winner, one Shandong "One Case One Discussion Program" winner, two “Taishan” Scholars, one “Taishan” young Scholar, ten doctoral supervisors, three experts who received the special allowance of the China State Council, three winners of the “New Century Talents Supporting Project”, one winner of the “New Century Excellent Talents Program”, three winners of the "Expert of Excellence with Outstanding Contribution" of Shandong, the Chair of the Shandong Architecture and Civil Engineering Society, the Chair of Shandong Steel Structure Association, two chief experts of Shandong colleges and universities, one Shangdong prestigious lecturers, and one civil engineering director of Shandong Undergraduate Education and Teaching Committee.



Academic Titles     


 Education Levels



National High-level Talent, One Shandong "One Case One Discussion Program" Winner, Zhao Xingquan



Principal, Doctoral Supervisor, Yu Dehu



Taishan Scholar, Li Guoqiang


The New Century Talents Project Winner, Fu Chuanguo



Taishan Scholar, The New Century Talents Project Winner, Zhang Xin


The New Century Talents Project Winner, Zhou Xuejun



New Century Excellent Talents Support Project Winner, Guo Bing


“Taishan” Young Scholar, Li Xiaojing

The research team of "Movement and Retrofitting of Building Structures" was honored the "Innovative Team Development Plan" by the China Ministry of Education with a continuously financial support from the Ministry. The teaching team of structure safety and disaster prevention was awarded the "Huang Danian Teaching Team of Universities of Shandong Province ". The School has two Taishan scholar leading teams of research, namely "Civil Engineering Safety and Disaster Prevention" and "Structure Diagnosis and Upgrading and Disaster Prevention and Mitigation". The research team of "Engineering Structure and Disaster Prevention and Mitigation" was awarded the "Shandong Excellent Scientific Innovative Team". The teaching group of "Soil Mechanics and Foundation Course" was awarded "Provincial Excellent Teaching Team". 


Acceptance Meeting of Innovation Team of Ministry of Education


Huang Danian Teaching Team of Universities of Shandong Province


The major of civil engineering is a national characteristic speciality, one of the first batch of national first-class professional construction sites, one of the first batch of pilot programs for comprehensive reform of undergraduate majors in the national "undergraduate teaching engineering project" for local universities, the Department of Education "Excellent Engineer Education and Training Program" major, "Provincial Key Major of Featured University for Application-oriented Talent Training of Shandong Province", and "High-level Key Applied Major of Shandong Province". Shandong Jianzhu University-Shandong Zhongcheng Real Estate Co., Ltd. Engineering Practice Education Center was successfully approved as an off-campus practice education base for undergraduates of local universities under the Ministry of Education. The courses of "Principles of Concrete Structures", "Principles of Steel Structures", "Structural Mechanics", "Civil Engineering Construction" and "Basic Engineering Design" are first-class courses in Shandong Province. The teaching and research achievements were awarded the first and second prizes of Shandong Provincial Higher Education Teaching Achievement Award. The School has one provincial-level joint training base for postgraduates. The major of civil engineering passed the evaluation of the National Civil Engineering Education Evaluation Committee with excellent results in 2003, 2008 and 2013. The major also was awarded the international engineering certificate in 2019, demonstrating that the major is at a high level with international advance. In the fourth round of discipline assessment, civil engineering discipline in the School was classified at the level of B-.








Engineering Education Certificates with Excellent Results



Provincial Teaching Achievements


The School has a first-class master degree program in civil engineering, being capable to award master degree at the major of civil and hydraulic engineering. In 2012, the doctorate program regarding to core supporting discipline of "Green Building Technology and Theory" was founded. Civil engineering discipline was honored as "Shandong Province First-class Discipline". Key Laboratory of Building Structural Retrofitting and Underground Space Engineering (Shandong Jianzhu University), Ministry of Education was successfully applied. It has the Shandong Province Key Laboratory of Building Structure Appraisal, Strengthening and Renovation, Shandong Province Prefabricated Construction Engineering Laboratory, and Shandong Co-Innovation Center for Disaster Prevention and Mitigation of Civil Structures, Shandong Province Civil Structure Diagnosis and Disaster Prevention Engineering Technology Research Center, Shandong Province Green Building Steel Structure Engineering Technology Research Center, the first batch of institutes of modern industry in Shandong Province, i.e., the modern industry of smart construction,Engineering Structure and Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Shandong Province University Key Laboratory and Shandong Province Prefabricated Building Industry Base (Shandong Construction University). The Civil Engineering Experimental Teaching Center was prompted as a national civil engineering experimental teaching center for practical demonstrations. Two national virtual simulation experimental teaching centers containing "Construction Engineering and Equipment" and "Construction Engineering Management" were successfully applied based on achievements of the center. In 2018, the International Research Center for the Safety and Reliability of Major Infrastructures was established.










Kick-off Meeting of Shandong Co-Innovation Center for Disaster Prevention and Mitigation of Civil Structures

A large number of research equipments, including the earthquake simulation shaking table (the first one all over the province), the well-known structural fire test system in large size, the 6000-ton compression-shear test system, the energy dissipation test system, and the large-scale geotrough test system highly support science and technology research within innovation base.



Fire Simulation Test System


Reaction Wall Loading System



Earthquake Simulation Shaking Table Test System


             6000 Tons Compression Shear Test System


Exterior View of Industry-Education Integration Building


Civil Engineering Teaching and Experiment Building (Phase I)



The School occupies a leading position in the area of construction relocating, strengthening and retrofitting. It also owns advances in the frontiers of high-performance structure system and disaster prevention, performance improvement and control of old structures, and geotechnical earthquake engineering and engineering geotechnical stability. In the past five years, the School has undertaken more than 100 scientific research projects at the provincial level and above, including more than 40 projects supported by the National Natural Science Fund; published more than 20 books and 700 papers, among which at least 200 papers have been indexed by SCI or EI; and secured more than 60 national patents and more than 30 authenticated research products. The School pays increasing attention on integration of theoretical education and engineering practice, created a significantly characteristic way to closely unify industry, education and research. More than 100 scientific research results have been promoted, and economical benefits over 100 million yuan were achieved. After decades of coordinated development of industry, education and research, a group of school-owned enterprises such as Shandong Jianzhu University Design Group Co., Ltd., Shandong Jianzhu University Engineering Appraisal and Strengthening Research Institute Co., Ltd., and Shandong Jianzhu University Appraisal and Testing Center Co., Ltd. and other school-run enterprises have been established as the leading industry-university-research cooperation.

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Intellectual Property Rights such as Authorized Invention Patents and Software Copyrights




Relocation of the Old Villa, The Farthest Relocation Project (28km)


Hainan 8000m2 Indigo Coastal Hotel Relocation Project

The Largest Trailer Building Relocation Project in China



The world’s heaviest displacement program (35,000 t, 24,000 m2-construction)



The First Application of Rocking Wall Reinforcement in China




Addition of Three Basements to a Historical Building in China for the First Time


Prefabrication Technology of Prefabricated Steel Structure for Passive Ultra-low Energy Green Buildings



 Health Monitoring of the Steel Structure of the Main Stadium of Jinan Olympic Sports Center


Chimney with a Height of 120m of Dezhou Thermal Power Plant

The Highest Building Rectification Project in the World



Opening Ceremony of the School of Intelligent Construction


Academic Committee of Key Laboratory of Ministry of Education



The 10th National Symposium on Structural Fire Resistance Technology


 Taishan Academic Forum



 The First Shandong Underground Space Engineering Technology Forum


“New Technology and Application of Architecture Displacement and Reformation” was awarded the second prize of National Technology Invention Award and the first prize of the Technology Invention Award of Ministry of Education. Study and Application of New Technology of underpinning Existing Buildings was awarded the second prize of Huaxia Construction Technology Advance Award. Key Technology and Engineering Application of Lightweight and Web-corrugated Steel Structure was awarded the first place of Shandong Provincial Technology Advance Award.




Partial Research Awards


Social Reputation

Students have won significant excellent results in national competitions such as the National Structural Design Competition and the Challenge Cup Competition. The employment rate and employment quality of students after graduation have always been in the forefront among students from similar majors in the province. Most of the graduated students have achieved a leading position in the field of construction engineering in Shandong Province. 



Outstanding Graduate of the Chinese Civil Engineering Society



The Second Prize of the National University Student Structural Design Competition

The Special Prize and First Prize of the First National Model Design Competition for Undergraduates Majoring in Urban Underground Space, Ranking the First in China



“Civil Cup” Football Match


“Civil times” Educational brand

The School has cultivated more than ten thousand civil engineering technical talents for the society. Many of the experts specializing in designing and exploring in civil engineering in Shandong Province graduated from the school. More than 60% of the constructing or technical leaders of backbone construction companies in 16 cities in Shandong Province graduated from the school majoring in civil engineering. The school has become a training cradle for advanced talents with strong engineering practice capabilities in the economic construction, especially in the construction industry of Shandong Province.